ETV Inside – for your VoIP phone

THE caller ID for you and your employees

Know exactly who’s calling

Does your VoIP phone have caller ID? Take advantage of the opportunity to integrate direct access to Directories’ complete directory data into your CTI solution. Comprehensive. Fast. Informative.

What you can expect

By accessing Directories’ directory data, which is updated daily, your employees can use the caller display to see who is contacting them on their VOIP-enabled device. You can also search for known data elements, including surname, first name and location.

Additional benefits

And that’s not all Directories ETV Inside is capable of. In addition to caller ID and caller display (surname, name, telephone number and address), you see the caller’s advertising block information. It’s easy to integrate the system into your existing IT infrastructure (REST- and SOAP API).

Private consultation

This product is quick and easy to implement into your CTI solution. It’s worth it. Our expert team is on hand to provide you with further information.

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