Multisource  ANALYTICS

The web tool for analysing customer bases and segments

Knowledge of your customers is key to successful marketing

Even the most elaborate mailing campaign drastically loses its effectiveness if the recipients are not part of the intended target group – that’s clear. Multisource ANALYTICS helps you find the right target customers in your customer base. It can also help you obtain additional addresses for a customer group profile. This minimises wastage, helps you achieve a greater response rate and has a positive impact on purchase decisions. Gain in-depth knowledge of your customers!

Effectively prepare and present address material

You’ll use your own address list to form relevant customer classes, which are then analysed using our web tool. Using Sinus-Milieus® in microgeography, combined with numerous socio-demographic attributes and geographic information, you can access the profile of the customer group you are looking at with the touch of a button. Benefits to you: Use your findings to formulate possible additional requirements to develop a targeted, customised approach. Findings are structured and visualized – and can even be mapped if needed. This gives you precise information for the next marketing campaign. With ANALYTICS, you are always in a position to generate cost-efficient, detailed customer segmentation.

Additional added value

‘Everything from a single source’ – that is the philosophy behind directoriesDATA. And it’s a major advantage to you. Use Multisource BASIC to lay the foundations for address lists updated daily. Use the ANALYTICS option to expand your understanding of your customers, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your pitch. If you are looking to enhance certain addresses from your customer base with additional profile features or residual potential addresses using the existing Multisource interface, we offer additional options in cooperation with our partner, KünzlerBachmann. In addition, we offer special workshops and training to help you combine your data with the additional criteria acquired and Sinus-Milieus® and to understand and interpret the results. This allows you to effectively integrate the insights gained into your marketing activities.

Private consultation

Learn how you can optimally integrate Multisource ANALYTICS into your business processes in a cost-effective, efficient and profitable way. We would love to hear from you. Simply contact us via email or by phone.