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Import addresses – updated daily – for every customer management tool

Rely on the quality of your addresses

Does your company respond flexibly to its own customer development? Then we are your perfect sparring partner! Act now to directly access the complete directory data provided by Directories ETV Access – focus on your success and respond flexibly and agilely with data updated daily.

What you can expect

This tool allows you to access ETV Access’s complete directory data using web services. XML standards provide full flexibility in terms of integrating and further processing data.

Requirements for use 

To access the directory data, you need a professional interface. Adaptors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SAP are available, for example. This application represents an investment in your own business. It enables you to integrate it directly into your address software (e.g. Outlook). The necessary add-ons are provided by our partners.

Benefits to you

You are charged for data based on the number of billable data elements transmitted, including delivery of advertising block flags.The flexible display facilitates highly targeted searches within your target group. The constant increase in the quantity of data guarantees that data is updated daily, thereby eliminating unnecessary costs for address searches.

Private consultation

Using ETV Access increases your company’s productivity. Get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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