Multisource BASIC

The comprehensive address management solution

An address database with errors is a costly one

Around a million people in Switzerland change their address each year. Updating their details poses a real challenge for companies and organisations with large address lists. After all, an address database that is full of errors can be costly, lead to mail being returned and, in the worst case, result in you losing customers. So let us help you nip the problem in the bud.

What you can expect

Whether your mailing or offer reaches your target group depends on the quality of your addresses. Directories Multisource gives you the ability to validate, correct and update your addresses on a daily basis.

Update addresses

What’s special about Multisource: It works on the basis of the integrated multi-source principle. The up-to-date address data is based on directoriesDATA directories and the customer addresses of all the major telecoms providers in Switzerland. As a subscriber, you can update addresses on an ongoing basis. We take care of verifying mutations. The Basic package includes checking the existing contact details you have for companies and private individuals, correcting and completing incorrect addresses, eliminating duplicates and transferring address mutations. Other options are also available with Multisource PLUS. This upgrade allows you to compare your address database with directoriesDATA mutations and those of other providers using the existing interface.

Next-level service

Multisource can be implemented with all commonly-used CRM and ERP systems and can even be integrated into existing IT processes. We provide you with a dedicated experienced IT contact who is available to provide continuous support.

Private consultation

Are you interested in learning more about how to integrate Directories Multisource into your company in the most cost-effective, efficient and profitable way? Our expert team would love to hear from you. Simply contact us via email or by phone.

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