Multisource PLUS

Covers the maximum number of relocation mutations

Stay up to date

Increasing mobility makes it more and more complex and cost-intensive to keep your own address list up to date. More than one million people move to Switzerland every year, posing a major challenge to companies and organisations. The Directories Multisource PLUS option delivers nearly 100 per cent of the relocation mutations available in Switzerland – all from a single source.

What you can expect

The lion’s share of Swiss relocation mutations are recorded by several mutation suppliers. This results in overlapping and exclusive mutations. In the past, companies interested in both forms of mutation have had to conclude several contracts with different suppliers – an expensive and complicated form of cooperation. With Multisource PLUS, you’ll receive all of these relocation addresses from a single source. What’s special about this option? Subscribers can compare their address list with directoriesDATA mutations and those of other providers using the Multisource interface.

Benefits to you

Get all mutations from a single source. All you need is a standard-format interface; no need to make any technical adjustments. This simplifies the administration involved while optimising your costs.

Private consultation

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