Multisource RESEARCH

Efficiently research postal returns

Avoid losing customers

Switzerland is on the move. The simple act of sending a bill or a piece of marketing reveals how many customers have moved since you last contacted them. And you don’t want to lose those customers. You know that managing your existing clientèle is much cheaper than building a new customer base. Multisource RESEARCH is there to help you with managing postal returns.

Here’s how it works

You send us your list of returned addresses in electronic format. Accompanied by the necessary processing specifications, we research these addresses in up to three service levels. The first level involves searching different databases for the updated address. During the second, a trained phone agent will contact your customer if a phone number is listed. The third level involves sending a request to the Residents Registration Office in the municipality where the customer’s last known place of residence was. Each data set is assigned a result code after processing, which you can then use to take further action.

Benefits to you

The entire Multisource product line is based on a standard data structure. This makes placing research orders particularly easy if you are already a customer of ours, though this is by no means mandatory. Either way, we’ll use Multisource RESEARCH to help you ensure future mailings reach your customers.

Private consultation

Find out how using Multisource RESEARCH can improve your returns management in the long term. Our

expert team would love to hear from you. Simply contact us via email or by phone.