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Detecting locations for the authorities and organisations involved in rescue and security services in Switzerland

Customer Information

Swisscom has decided that all tasks associated with emergency call delivery will be consolidated within the Group to increase resilience and to ensure quality in network operation and process management. The aim of this consolidation is to further optimise and simplify synergies and processes. As part of this measure, it was decided that the basic service mandate emergency call database (SOSDB), which is currently with Swisscom Directories AG, will be transferred from Swisscom Directories AG to Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd as of 1 January 2021.

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd is committed to ensuring that this is implemented transparently for all user groups without any loss of the current quality and expertise. For this reason, we would like to inform you that the technology of the emergency call database (as previously set up and operated in a secure Swisscom data centre) and the personnel know-how will be brought together in Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd.

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